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Persona, Primary Structures

Mikel Belascoain & Miguel Goni Aguinaga |

‘Persona’ is a documentary film directed by the Spanish artist Mikel Belascoain and the photographer Miguel Goñi Aguinaga. This movie has been filmed during the process of creation. A work....

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One More Chance

Battiste Fenwick | ,

Una Chanza Más chronicles the improbable encounter between Los Angeles gangbanger and two-time violent felon Pedro Mata and French filmmaker Battiste Fenwick. As Battiste films Pedro, the camera becomes a....

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Elle Sillanpaa |

From inside an anonymous skyscraper, a night time cleaner reveals her secret former life as a Guerrilla fighter in Colombia. She and her partner covertly worked to educate peasants about....

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Vermont, Montpelier

Carlos Martin - Penasco |

“That Sunday morning, my father woke up and went to the bathroom. After a shower, he noticed he couldn't comb his hair properly. He headed for the kitchen where my....

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Difficult Loves

Lucina Gil |

“In my heart, I had a thorn of passion. One day I managed to rip it out. Now I don´t feel my heart anymore”. It is summer, a town in....

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Marcelo Castillo |

A drop of water originates on a glacier, in it´s way to the sea.

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La Blanquita

Jaime Rogel Roman |

At the heart of Mexico City, a group of homeless people live outside the famous Teatro Blanquita – they call themselves the Blanquita gang. ....

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Habana Muda

Eric Brach | ,

Chino is Cuban, he is also deaf and having trouble supporting his family. When Jose, a Mexican tourist, falls in love with him, Chino sees the chance for a better....

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Station Day

John Dickinson |

Constitucion Station is a huge railway terminal in Buenos Aires. Here, filtered through the mundane stories of a mixed cast of characters, we view a day in the life of....

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INDIGNADOS. Como nace una protesta

Miko Meloni | ,

A group of citizens are protesting to defend their homes against the bank's abuses in the context of Indignados demonstrations.

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