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One More Chance

Battiste Fenwick | ,

Una Chanza Más chronicles the improbable encounter between Los Angeles gangbanger and two-time violent felon Pedro Mata and French filmmaker Battiste Fenwick. As Battiste films Pedro, the camera becomes a....

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Stephanie Bollag |

An observational character study about a former Jewish white collar criminal turned boxing trainer and poet.....

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CRISIS and the Right to the City

Adrian Mengay | ,

Crisis is a documentary about the consequences of the financial crisis in USA. In the time of multiple crisis millions of Americans are struck by unemployment, poverty and homelessness. This....

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James Moll |

Auschwitz is synonymous with the Holocaust but it’s also a place on the map, one with a surprising history before WWII. Produced by Steven Spielberg, directed by James Moll, narrated....

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Somos Wichi (We Are Wichi)

Andrew Buckland | ,

'Somos Wichi' is a glimpse into the lives of a relatively unknown indigenous people. Set in the Gran Chaco forest of northwestern Argentina, the Wichi are struggling to cope with....

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Laura Brownson, Beth Levison |

Three-time felon, one-time Tony award winner, Lemon Andersen is a pioneering poet whose words speak for a generation. But Lemon has landed back in the 'hood, living in the projects....

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Not Hotel Art

Isabella Wing-Davey |

A dominant media corporation is the backdrop for a larger discussion on art in the workplace: a wry look at art in the corporate environment and its gatekeepers.

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An Encounter with Simone Weil

Katie Hipp |

The 20th century French philosopher, educator and activist Simone Weil spent the majority of her too-short life advocating for the rights of the socially and politically disadvantaged. In 'An Encounter....

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Tree of Forgetting

Dan Luis Boord Valdovino |

The world's shortest short story takes a detour to a place where time is a forking path of possibilities leading to the same eventuality, the past. A place where it....

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Confidence Game

Nick Verbitsky |

The demise of the investment bank known as Bear Stearns; the first Wall Street domino to fall in America's, and the world's, most dire economic crisis since the Great Depression.....

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