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Tea Party

Andrada Neacsu |

The observation of two friends spending an afternoon together for tea becomes in “Tea Party” a moment for reminiscing and contemplating a life-long friendship. Betty (91), and Dorothy (93) have....

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Tal Amiran |

Neculai, Aurel and Raj all left their homes in Romania for the same reason - to seek a better life for their family. Now, in Britain, with their loved ones....

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It’s Quicker By Hearse · The Tale of the Petitioning Housewife, the Protesting Schoolboy and the Campaign

Esther Johnson |

When Madge Elliot complained about the announced closure of her local train station in Hawick, her mother told her to do something about it, and that’s just what she did.....

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How We Are Now

Andrea Niada |

Peter and Douglas have been together for sixty years. As Douglas approaches his eighty-third birthday, the couple reflect on their age and changing relationship, offering an intimate view into how....

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Elle Sillanpaa |

From inside an anonymous skyscraper, a night time cleaner reveals her secret former life as a Guerrilla fighter in Colombia. She and her partner covertly worked to educate peasants about....

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Glitch’s Story

David Hayes |

This short film tells a heartwarming story of a young girl called Glitch, who was made homeless at the age of 15. It captures how the charity XLP encouraged Glitch....

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Fishcakes & Cocaine

Alex Nevill |

Revolving around four unorthodox inhabitants of an isolated Hebridean peninsula, this documentary affords an insight into off-grid being, exploring the peculiarities of living in a harsh natural environment while intimately....

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Anonymous: A Million Men

Patrick Ireland |

They are the 99%. Join filmmaker Patrick Ireland as he tumbles down the rabbit hole, penetrating the very core of Anonymous in the build-up to the infamous ‘Million Mask March’....

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A Deep Breath

Justin Spray |

Director, Justin Spray, finds beauty in a municipal pool among the plasters and dirt as he follows the progress of a group of novice freedivers in London.....

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Why I Had an FGC

Suzanne Cohen |


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