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The 20th century French philosopher, educator and activist Simone Weil spent the majority of her too-short life advocating for the rights of the socially and politically disadvantaged. In 'An Encounter with Simone Weil,' filmmaker Julia Haslett explores the issue of moral responsibility and personal action against the backdrop of 21st century America. Using Weil's writings and teachings as a framework for her own experience, Haslett creates a moving portrait of an extraordinary young woman whose decision to live by her convictions proved that the quest to live a principled life is a journey we should all consider taking.

Film Credits

Directors: Katie Hipp




Length: 85 min

Colour: Yes

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An Encounter with Simone Weil Screening:

  • Wed30May

    at Portobello PopUP Cinema

    30 May 2012 5:30 pm

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