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The Institute

Alexander Glandien | 2020 | Austria, Germany | 13

‘The Institute’ is about the importance of biodiversity for the cultural identity and the economic independence of Latin America. It shows the connections between the historical research expeditions of Humboldt, Mutis and Caldas in South America with genetic research and contemporary biology in today’s Colombia. The long-awaited peace in the country has not only opened up unreachable territories for research, but also sparked a debate about how to deal with the country’s biological heritage. This animated documentary is based on a conversation with the leading biodiversity expert and transgender activist Brigitte Baptiste, which was recorded in Bogota in 2019. She is the head of the “Instituto Humboldt”, the world’s only institute for biodiversity research.

World Premiere

Production Company: Glandienale
Producer: Alexander Glandien
Cinematographer: Alexander Glandien


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