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Sea Angels (Angeli del Mare)

Simone Gandolfo | 2018 | Italy | 52

The daily tasks of all the men and women who are working in the frontline, rescuing thousands of migrants who are fleeing from war, slavery, rape, torture, hunger. Boatloads of people pushed out to sea on a desperate journey that often turns into the deadliest route. With the crucial support of the Italian Coast Guard, together with the Italian Red Cross and other NGO, the film reports on their efforts to provide search and rescue activities, first aid, emergency shelters and all the humanitarian and psychological support that the migrants need. The largest refugee crisis of our time is taking place right here and right now.

UK Premiere

Production Company: Samarcanda Film

Director Statement

Samarcanda Film was established in 2013. It is the innovative brain-child of friends who have pooled their experience and expertise in media entertainment to discover new talent in the market. The company operates in the market for the worldwide distribution of audio-visual products (Format and Ready Made) and has recently developed partnerships in North America, Central and South America, Europe and Asia. Samarcanda is specifically targeting: creative freedom, enthusiasm and expertise in contents development.


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