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Men Inside (Des Hommes)

Alice Odiot, Jean-Robert Viallet | 2019 | France | 83

Thirty thousand square meters and 2,000 inmates, half of them are under 30 years old. The Baumettes jail is about misery, violence and abandonments, hopes and regrets. Through screams and silence ‘Men Inside’ immerses us uncomfortably in the margins of society.

London Premiere

Production Company: Unité de Production
Producer: Bruno Nahon
Cinematographer: Jean-Robert Viallet
Music: Marek Hunhap

Directors Biography

Jean-Robert Viallet received the Albert London Prize in 2010 for his trilogy ‘La Mise à Mort du Travail’, an immersion in the heart of large globalised groups. His work focuses on the grey areas of power, neo-liberalism, its side effects and the fractures of contemporary society. Among other things, Jean-Robert Viallet worked on the business of the US youth recovery camps (Tranquility Bay), on international arms smuggling (Une femme à abattre). He was interested in the dangerous links between arms dealers and French political parties. After a film in France about the those forgotten in the margins of the global economy (La France en face), he co-wrote with Alice Odiot a diptych on two families facing justice (Jusqu’à ce que la mort nous sépare, Le mauvais oeil). He then directed a documentary on the commodification of the education system (Étudiants : l’avenir à crédit). His latest film (L’homme a mangé la Terre), tells of two hundred years of industrial capitalism in the face of the environmental crisis.

Alice Odiot began her career as a journalist. She immersed herself for several years in the closed world of work and finance. Her first documentary lead her to demonstrate on several continents a vast mechanism of tax evasion. She received the Albert London Prize in 2012 for ‘Zambie, à qui profite le cuivre?’ She co-directed with Jean-Robert Viallet two films about women facing prison in Marseille, the region where she lives. She is currently pursuing a work that questions the functioning of international justice.


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