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LIDF19 Day 2

Sunday 1st December

Life to Ashes
Federico Martinez | 2019 | Uruguay | 4min
A brief situation where a modern cowboy, is exposed to the impact his actions have on the planet. A piece to reflect about our actions and the impact our choices may have by feeding large industries.
Jobino’s City
Santiago Charriere | 2019 | Argentina | 7min
Jobino’s City lies between the fantasy of a modern man and the harshness of the Patagonian landscape and wind. A picture of the untameable Argentina, where myths and illusions often confuse the visitor.
Peter Cerovšek | 2019 | Slovenia | 22min
The director of the film follows the construction of a luxury hotel through his kitchen window. Fragments of the dissolution of his relationship unintentionally sneak into the recorded material and shake the very foundations of the film.
Grand Prix Award, Tabor Film Festival
Dead Woman’s Pass
Lali Houghton | 2019 | Peru | 26min
The story follows Maxi Manuttupa, an indigenous woman from Cusco, Peru, who has suffered years of abuse from her estranged husband. Following the rise of the #NiUnaMenos and #MeToo movements, Maxi decides to confront her past through an epic journey in the Peruvian Andes. She decides to become a porter on the famous Inca Trail leading to Machu Picchu. It’s a role traditionally reserved for men, and only in 2018, were women allowed to become porters on the trail. But the terrain is harsh and the labour is back-breaking. Maxi must overcome both physical and psychological scars in order to offer a different life to her daughter.

Snowy Roads
Hayedeh Moradi | 2019 | Iran | 29min
Ardabil province, Iran, is located in a mountainous region and has severe winters. The villagers survive on dairy farming and some crafts. Many of the young men have emigrated from the village to the city in search of work. Left behind are young, uneducated women who wait for the young men to return.

Jonas Spriestersbach | 2019 | Germany | 75min
An animal film? There are barely any animals to be seen. Instead, the film shows humans who approach the animalistic existence via meditations, robots, or furry costumes. What kind of being is the human to consider animals so deeply?

Misja Pekel  | 2019 | Netherlands | 45min
Maelstrom is a poetic found footage documentary about a paradise lost, composed of Syrian amateur videos. The film is inspired by the true story of a young Syrian refugee who, in search of a new home, tried to swim from Calais to Dover. During this fatal journey, memories of his past life haunt the swimmer’s mind. These flashbacks form a psychological web in which he slowly gets caught. It becomes apparent that the final destination is not England, but the paradise of a lost past.
Marcos Bonisson & Khalil Charif |2019 | Brazil | 14min
The neighborhood of Copacabana, elaborated through a collage of current and archive images (Super 8 and digital). An experimental work narrated by the words of the poet Fausto Fawcett, and with music by Arnaldo Brandão.

Alfredo Corelli | 2019 | Italy | 70min
Ziguli’ charts the relationship between a father and a disabled son as they attempt to create new ways of communication and share emotions.

Under the Rug
Ali Younis | 2019 | Syria/Italy | 61min
Under the Rug is a documentary about three Syrian refugee couples. They have fled to the Netherlands in order to escape their Syrian families who do not approve their relationships because their partners belong to different religions.

Sheep Hero
Ton van Zantvoort | 2019 | Netherlands | 81min
Sheep Hero tells the story of Shepherd Stijn, an outspoken idealist who may have been born in the wrong place and era. He feels at home on the quiet heathlands tending his sheep, far away from today’s hectic Western society. Stijn and his family fight to maintain their quiet and simple life, but this is proving to be increasingly difficult in a densely populated, modern world where the power of money and mass production outweighs good intentions and slow traditions. The family is heading towards a turning point: they can either continue their downward spiral or throw in the towel.
IDFA World premiere in competition | Top 10 best of IDFA, 2018, Amsterdam
Best Film, Best Director, NVIFF, 2019, Amsterdam
European Cinematography Award, 2019, Multiple cities, Europe
Best Documentary Green Warsaw Award, 2019, Docs Against Gravity Film Festival, Warszawa


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