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LIDF17 Day 4

Day 4. Programme. 26th November

Venue: The Archivist, Unit V Reliance Wharf, 2-10 Hertford Road, London, N1 5ET




10.00 (International Shorts)

Drew Nikonowicz – Notes from Anywhere
Mattia Mura | 2017 | Italy | 13

Drew Nikonowicz (b. 1993) is a photographer from Saint Louis, Missouri. He has been awarded the Aperture Portfolio Prize and the Lenscratch Student Prize. His work investigates the role of the 21st century explorer through a combination of analog photography and computer simulations. In 2016, Nikonowicz participated in a year-long residency at Fabrica Research Centre in Treviso, Italy. This was the first time he had gone overseas.

53 Moons
Cesar Lopez Balan | 2017 | Greece | 11

Shevin and Aral, Syrian and Iraqi respectively, are a couple who decided to journey to Greece in early December 2015. Recording with his mobile phone the most important moments of their trip, Aral shows us what refugees must face on their way to Europe. Throughout the story we see not only the journey which many refugees have taken, but also the story of a couple who just want to live their lives in peace in a place where they feel safe and free.

Jenny Holt | 2017 | UK | 19

Run-down and ghettoised, or one of the most beautiful valleys in the area? The entangled identity of a housing estate lying on the edge of the Yorkshire moors.

Shame and Soul
Marco Pavan | 2017 | Italy | 28

British documentary photographer Giles Duley and Syrian artist Semaan Khawam, now living in Lebanon, connect through their arts. Giles and Seeman prove that are no barriers between human beings, when their hearts beat together. The documentary tells the story of their encounter, that happened in January 2017 in Beirut.

Transit Zone
Frederik Subel | 2017 | UK | 32

Set in the mysterious murky confines of the ‘jungle’ in Calais, Transit Zone follows Teefa, a young man who fled the regime in Sudan with big dreams of a new life in the UK.


Voices from Kasserine + Q&A
Olfa Lamloum & Michel Tabet | 2017 | France/Tunisia | 54

Kasserine, an iconic region of the Tunisian Revolution. This is where filmmakers Olfa lamloum and Michel Tabet give voice to those who feel disillusioned by the lack of change post-Arab Spring. Produced by International Alert Tunisia.

13.30 (Refugees and Forced Migration)

The UN on Refugees
UNTV | 12

Choosing to Stay or Leave  Afghanistan
UNTV | 12

Syrain Refugees in Northern Greece
UNTV | 4

Syrian Refugees in Displaced Europe
UNTV | 5

14.30 – 15.30 (UNHRC and Al Jazeera)

The World to Hear
Charlotte Ginsborg & Anatole Sloan | 2017 | UK | 30

Refugees Got Talent
Al Jazeera | 25


Calais’ Children
Sue Clayton | 2017 | UK | 60

Nearly 2000 unaccompanied children were left alone in the Calais Jungle as it was about to be destroyed in 2016. Sue Clayton and a team of Human rights lawyers believe they have a legal right to be in the UK. What happens next? This is the story of a scandalous failure of UK protection.


Debate with filmmakers and UN News and Media Division, Al Jazeera, UNHCR, Action UK and International Alert


Grandma Dorota
Agnieszka Gasiorek | 2017 | Denmark | 10

Agnieszka wants to immortalize her strong grandmother by making a film about her life and experiences as a deportee from Poland to Siberia at the age of five. But as the film progresses, Agnieszka realizes that her grandmother is no longer the strong indomitable woman she remembers from her childhood.

The Last Farmer
Alison Keogh | 2013 | Ireland | 5

For generations the same family have run the farm . The present farmer has been running it since he was 14 years old, he is now 60. He has three daughters and they have no interest in farming. The farm will have to be sold on.

Persona, Primary Structures
Mikel Belascoain & Miguel Goni Aguinaga | 2017 | Spain | 39

‘Persona’ is a documentary film directed by the spanish artist Mikel Belascoain and the photographer Miguel Goñi Aguinaga. This movie has been filmed during the process of creation. A work inspired by the dialogue between the artist and people who suffer severe neurological diseases. This film is part of the experimental project of the same name initiated by Manuel Murie, Neurologist and President of the Spanish Society of Neuro-rehab and the artist Mikel Belascoain.


Loves Me, Loves Me Not
Fabienne Abramovich | 2017 | Switzerland | 77

In Paris, at nightfall, hundreds of people meet at the edge of the Canal de L’Ourq, sitting along the riverbank they speak (almost only) about love.


Interiors and Exteriors
Ashique Mostafa | 2017 | Bangladesh | 8

A one-take observational piece about the microcosm of Islamic practices and class segregation in Bangladesh’s capital city Dhaka. Multiplicity within a Muslim community and the passage of people through one single frame documents this society’s interiors and exteriors.

Making Waves
Harri Grace | 2017 | UK | 9

Oumaima Erhali is a 17-year-old Moroccan woman determined to surf. She’s part of a generation that is pushing boundaries, in a country where many believe a surfboard is no place for a young Muslim woman. Oumaima won’t let stereotypes hold her back from the sport she loves, nor the life she wants to lead.

Passeo Publico
Andrea Franca & Nicholas Andueza | 2017 | Brazil | 14

PASSEIO PÚBLICO [Public Sidewalk] tells a poetic story about images of the city of Rio de Janeiro at the beginning of the 20th century.

5_Sacres_Gallotta_9_(c) Guy Delahaye


Etienne Aussel & Valerie Gabail | 2017 | France | 73

Based on Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, Sacres brings together the perspectives of five contemporary choreographers, Jean-Claude Gallotta, Angelin Preljocaj, Sasha Waltz, David Wampach and Olivier Dubois. Offsetting shots of rehearsals and public performances against ethnographic archival footage by Jean Rouch, Luc de Heusch and W.F. Murnau, Sacres conducts a dreamlike reflection on the uneasy borders between ritual and its representations.


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