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Land Underwater (Urpean Lurra)

Maddi Barber | 2019 | Spain | 50

Nearly two decades ago the Itoiz reservoir flooded seven villages and three nature reserves on the slopes of Navarre Pyrenees. The environmental group Solidari@s with Itoiz documented on video the fight against its construction. Today, those who were there dream of the land that remains underwater. Their voices and gestures intertwine to account for an individual and collective mourning that extends to the present.

Producer: Maddi Barber
Screenplay: Maddi Barber
Photography: Maddi Barber
Editor: Gerard Ortin, Mirari Echavarri López, Maddi Barber
Music: Peru Galbete

Director Biography

Maddi Barber collaborates with different cultural institutions, groups and universities on audiovisual creations. She holds a BA in Media and an MA in Visual Anthropology at the University of Manchester. In 2015 she was invited to participate in Zinergentziak #15, promoted by Territorios y Fronteras and the ZINEBI film festival, where she co-directed the omnibus feature film Distantziak. In 2018 she directed and produced, together with Christopher Murray and Charlotte Hoskins, the short film ‘Yours Truly’, which premiered at the Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival. Her next short film, ‘Above 592 metres’, premiered at Visions du Reél 2018 and also participated in San Sebastián International Film Festival (Zabaltegi), Curtocircuito, Alcances, Porto Post Doc and Festival de Las Palmas, among others. In 2019 she premiered the medium-length film ‘Land Underwater’ at the San Sebastián International Film Festival (Zabaltegi), awarded at Curtocircuito and La Cabina, it also participated in Visions du Reèl. In 2019 she won the X-FILMS project of the Punto de Vista festival with which she produced the film Red.


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