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Aug 4, 2011

LIDF at The Book Club

by Abi Weaver

Thinking and Drinking: Conversations in Film
Six UK Short Docs from the LIDF 2010

We are delighted to be starting a new partnership with The Book Club (‘…currently the venue for hip literary events.’ The Independent). The Book Club brings together wit, wisdom, creative events, food, drink and a brain-teasing, eclectic programme.

The new partnership allows the LIDF to meet, greet, entertain, chat and watch films with the London community of documentary film enthusiasts. It is our first chance to really sit down in an informal setting and ask what do you want from your London documentary festival. It is a chance for closer involvement, for forging deeper partnerships and generating as yet unknown connections and ideas.

We look forward to meeting you on the 19th January when we kick off with drinks and a selection of our favourite UK short docs.

‘Conversations in Film’ is a new event where film and discussion go hand in hand. Each month we will look at documentary film as it straddles the worlds of reportage, anthropology, activism, and mass entertainment. A chance for dialogue and the London documentary community to gather, a chance for debate, for support and inspiration.

Wednesday 19th January
Time: 7pm –  8.30pm
Door: £7 including complimentary glass of wine
100 Leonard Street, EC2A 4RH – 020 7684 8618

The full film line-up ………

Credit Crunch
Purses and Wallets is a response to the credit crunch. Made on a miniscule budget it asks people to talk about where they keep their money and reveals something about them through the intimacy of well worn personal objects.
Gail Pearce | 2009 | UK | 5

Chungking Dream
The world collides in Chungking Mansions (Hong Kong). As perhaps the most diversely populated building on earth it is a paradise of multi-culturalism and low-end globalisation, uniquely belonging to no one and everyone. For years the building has been notorious both as a refuge for petty criminals and illegal immigrants, and for its unsanitary living conditions. Yet it exists as a perfect example of a city as an organic mega-structure, flexible enough to fulfill every need from religion to water supply, while providing an alternative to conventional space, culture and time. What is fascinating here, besides all the shortcomings, is that Chungking somehow succeeds, continuously evolving to accommodate the hopes of those that find themselves drawn there.
Jean-Louis Schuller | 2008 | UK | 17min

Cut in Time
This documentary portrait evokes the inner thoughts of a projectionist, working in a Bollywood cinema. His hazy dark world is only kept alight by the images he believes himself to be the master of. Here the camera is a spectator of his actions and thoughts, as we are taken through this lonely world to find a man. Is it just a job, or true art?
Aashish Gadhvi | 2009 | UK | 10min

The Devil’s Footprints
Following a strange snowfall on February 6th 1855, the people of East Devon awoke to discover bipedal cloven footprints had passed through their villages. This short documentary explores the 100 mile trail and the recent return of the prints.
Nick Flintoff | 2009 | UK | 13min

Companion of Kings
Rescued from the verge of extinction in the Middle Ages, the greyhound became the dog of the aristocracy, elevated to a status above that of common man. Fast forward a millennium, to a time in which their racing grounds slowly crumble.
Tara Manandhar | 2008 | UK | 10min

London Vampires.
In London, there are three societies dedicated to the Vampire: Super Goths, Satanists and Real Life Vampires. This documentary looks at their members, friends and observers, opening up the ‘coffin lid’ on this growing sub culture…
Trevor Hargreaves | 2009 | UK | 14min

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